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    • Cryptocurrency & Divorce

      In recent years, cryptocurrency has become a popular means of investment and transaction online. However, as more couples invest in cryptocurrency, it becomes important to discuss how this asset might ...

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    • Serving Divorce Papers in Alabama

      If you or someone you know is considering filing for a divorce in the state of Alabama , then it is important to understand the process of serving divorce papers. Serving documents can be a ...

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    • Dating During Divorce: Is It Allowable?

      During your divorce , you may feel ready to date again and may consider putting yourself back out there. After all, your marriage is over and you are now single. But there are potential risks when it ...

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    • Can Custody Be Arranged Around My Work Schedule?

      Irregular or shift-based work presents a unique set of challenges and benefits. These jobs exist in various industries, such as healthcare, retail, public service, manufacturing, and transportation. ...

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    • Tips for Moving on After Divorce

      So many aspects of your life can be affected by your divorce , including your relationship status, your finances, your daily routine, and your mental and emotional health. Many divorcees wonder how ...

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    • Child Support & Holiday Presents

      What Can Child Support Be Used for in Alabama? What child support payments are used for can be a divisive issue between parents. However, it is primarily up to the parent who receives the support to ...

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