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    • High Asset Divorces: The Do’s & Don’ts

      Understanding High Asset Divorce A high asset divorce, as the name suggests, involves couples with significant financial resources. This could include a broad spectrum of assets such as real estate, ...

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    • The Effect of Social Media on Marriages & Divorce

      Social media has dramatically transformed the way we communicate, connect, and even love. It has offered an unprecedented level of connectivity, enabling us to maintain contact with people from all ...

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    • What Is the Discovery Process in Divorce?

      Getting divorced can be a complicated process that involves several different stages. One such stage of the divorce process is the discovery process, which we will discuss in further detail below. ...

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    • Communication Provisions in Parenting Plans

      Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful co-parenting. As parents navigate the complexities of raising children post-separation or divorce, a well-drafted parenting plan can serve as a ...

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    • Evidence in Family Court for Divorce or Custody Hearings

      Alabama Divorce & Child Custody Trials Evidence collection plays a crucial role in divorce and custody cases. It can make or break the outcome, impacting decisions about the division of assets, ...

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    • Can Custody Be Arranged Around My Work Schedule?

      Irregular or shift-based work presents a unique set of challenges and benefits. These jobs exist in various industries, such as healthcare, retail, public service, manufacturing, and transportation. ...

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